The Differences

Escondido Enterprises brings two worlds together.  The buyer – seller, the lessor – lessee, or management company – tenant.  Both parties have a different end game.  Regardless of the property type: commercial properties, industrial properties, office properties or retail properties.  The hunt for space, price and location can be overwhelming.  It’s difficult as you juggle running a business at the same time.  As a result, your time can be wasted because of lack of up-front information regarding the property, building or space. 

The Goal

From day one my goal was to create an experience from beginning to end that saves you time from the running around and touring first.  Using this website will help you whittle away what will not work and narrow down that one property that might work, then schedule a tour to put it all together.

The Zone

Looking for commercial properties for lease (or any other type of product) is not like residential.  There is something called zoning in which a city dictated what type of use can take place in a certain district or in other word a “zone”.  Some zones are strict, others have exceptions at a dollar and time cost.

The Call

I can assist your business immediately with the first phone call.  All properties have a separate web page on purpose.  I will text to your phone specific links to properties that might work for you from our conversation, thus saving you time and energy right off the bat.  On each property page you will discover videos, floor plans, pricing, maps and brochures.  Personally, (I am trying to be objective here) I have yet to come across another agency that has the shear quantity and quality of media in order to facilitate you on narrow down a property quickly.  Phone or Text (909) 923-2469

The End or The Beginning

Look, if I do not have a property for you, I will at least give you the tools, education and direction in order to accomplish your goal of finding another space without me.  In other words, you will not be wasting your time calling.  I am often asked about the name Escondido.  Most think I am from Escondido near San Diego.  Escondido’s name origin comes from a small fishing village in Oaxaca, Mexico named appropriately Puerto Escondido…Hidden Port.  From that beach this all began.  



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